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Payback? Payforward? Unconditional Basic Income???

Why a fundraiser at all for my personal development???

As part of my work AND my personal development, I think a lot about how this world works or how it doesn't work but could work.... One of the driving factors of the existential threat on our planet that we look at through the Center is what we call Zero-Sum Win/Lose Metrics (= the metrics, measures, or benchmarks based on winning and losing in zero-sum games) - which ultimately, as the visionary, philosopher, activist, and mystic Dr. Marc Gafni has revealed, are based on a Global Intimacy Disorder.

So what would a new world look like, based on complex, rather than complicated, systems, where infinite games are played instead of zero-sum games, and where all humans and sentient beings can flourish and thrive?

In this world, our authentic needs are taken care of.

And these relate to the three aspects:

  • Being

  • Becoming

  • Doing

On the being level are our survival needs. We want to be sure that we can survive, so that our fears can relax and we can take care of our higher needs. Here, in addition to other systemic conditions for our protection, we would need, for example, an unconditional basic income for all and everyone.

On the becoming level, it is all about our growth and development needs. Every human being (and every sentient being) should have the opportunity to realize his/her full potential. Here we need something like an education and development fund to enable lifelong learning and growth.

Once the needs of being and becoming are met, adulthood is about being a contributor and contributing one's unique gifts to an ever better, more beautiful, and truer world. Here, the current economic model, which is essentially based on barter with money as the intermediary in-between (payback: money for performance and performance for money), can be at best a part. In my opinion, it should be supplemented by a payforward model, where money is given for a contribution that is given to a third party - and this third party may well be a member of the next generation.

There's a lot more that could be said about all of this.

What are your thoughts on this?

Let's come together and co-create the world that works for everyone.


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