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Kundalini Yoga Course


Kundalini Yoga at FreiRaum GEO

In my burnout crisis about 1 ½ years ago, I found learning and applying some methods and practices particularly helpful for my healing, transformation and evolution. Among other things, I discovered Kundalini Yoga for myself.

In 2021-22, I have completed the 1-year level 1 training for Kundalini Yoga teachers at Prana Jio (in Schweinfurt).

From practice to practice, I am in an overall process towards more and more clarity, more healthy self-discipline (which is the beginning of self-love and includes various daily routines, and a greater capability to keep myself, my work, and my entire daily life (with all its distractions, stresses, etc.) in a healthy balance.

Kerstin Tuschik

What and for whom is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan.


It is based, among other things, on an integration of Hatha Yoga and interpretations of the Sikh Dharma. At FreiRaum GEO, the Kundalini Yoga practice is taught in the original. At the same time, it is placed in the broader context of world spirituality, CosmoErotic Humanism, and the development of one's own Unique Self.

Each teaching unit contains the following elements:​

  • Physical exercises (to open all channels and strengthen the body)

  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)

  • Mantras (from various sacred texts - often with beautiful,  inspiring music)

  • working with the different dimensions of the mind and the subconscious

  • deep relaxation

  • meditation

Suitable for everyone:

Kundalini Yoga was specially developed for the so-called householders. It leads directly into everyday life - into the life of one's own destiny - or what is called Dharma in this tradition.

The term Dharma, as used here, may well be considered synonymous with what Dr. Marc Gafni called Unique Self*.

Alternatively, we can translate the idiom from karma to dharma as from fate to destiny.

One can start with small commitments (e.g., a 3-minute meditation) up to a daily 2 ½ hour practice (sadhana) - the tenth of the day.

​*More about Unique Self here...

A kind of Best of Yoga & Meditation practice


The entire practice can be done by anyone and does not require any particular fitness or flexibility. At the same time, it plays with our personal boundaries.

In many of the longer exercises or meditations, it takes the ability to distinguish what kind of self-love is required:


  • ​Is there a sharp pain that forces me to pause or stop, and is the lesson about accepting myself within my limits?

  • Or is it about expanding my limits, observing my mind, and sticking with the practice until the pain gives way to real Pleasure?

What and for whom is Kundalini Yoga?

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