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NEW : Kundalini Yoga classes in Gerolzhofen and online - starting soon!

Basic principles and content elements of our work*

All of our offers can consist of the following elements, each with a different weighting:

  • Coaching and support for the respective topics you bring

  • Visioning and goal planning as well as creative solution finding

  • "Teaching conversations" on selected topics, e.g., on world spirituality, Unique Self, or Eros, in order to create a shared focus point and a common language for our work together

  • Centering and wake-up practices such as meditation, prayer, chanting, etc., which serve to open the heart and consciousness and to turn to unity consciousness

  • Body work from dance, yoga, breath work, and movement meditations to support a real embodiment

  • Above all that, all the above methods help to generate deeper insights

  • Exercises in dyads or small groups in order to feel the we-space, to create new experiences with each other or to bring a point home from the teaching or coaching conversations

  • Exchange in dyads, small groups, or the whole group to facilitate implementation in everyday life and enable the creation of a real we-space

*The philosophical concepts used in coaching and teaching are mostly from the integral wisdom teacher and philosopher Dr. Marc Gafni, with whom I have studied for the last ten years and with whom I collaborate closely.

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Coaching & teaching in an intimate individual, couple, or team setting for the full development of potential on a wide variety of topics and goals

In Preparation: 
Practice Groups, In-Depth Courses, and Intensive Seminars

On Different Topics of World Spirituality and Personal Growth

Bodywork, meditation and other world spirituality practices

6-week, 3-hour courses on different topics 


Weekend seminars and retreats on different topics

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MetaMinds for Entrepreneurs, Discussion Groups, Workshops and Change Makers Labs

MetaMinds for Entrepreneurs & Change Makers

Moderated workshops

Exchange groups

Discussion groups

In Preparation: Change Makers Labs & Incubators

(Laboratories and incubators for change makers)