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Possibilities offered

The offered possibilities on this page are coming soonIf you are interested, please contact me for a personal conversation to discuss which of the offers suits you and how we can start working together as soon as possible. I am happy to meet you!

NEW : Kundalini Yoga classes in Gerolzhofen and online!

Basic principles and content elements of the work at FreiRaum GEO*

All of the offers can consist of the following elements, each with a different weighting:

  • Conversations and support for the respective topics you bring

  • Visioning and goal planning as well as creative solution finding

  • "Teaching conversations" on selected topics, e.g., on world spirituality, Unique Self, or Eros, in order to create a shared focus point and a common language for our work together

  • Centering and wake-up practices such as meditation, prayer, chanting, etc., which serve to open the heart and consciousness and to turn to unity consciousness

  • Body work from dance, yoga, breath work, and movement meditations to support a real embodiment

  • Above all that, all the above methods help to generate deeper insights

  • Exercises and exchange in dyads or small groups in order to feel the we-space, to create new experiences with each other or to bring a point home from the teaching or coaching conversations

*The philosophical concepts used in conversations and teachings are mostly from the integral wisdom teacher and philosopher Dr. Marc Gafni, with whom I have studied for the last ten years and with whom I collaborate closely. I (Kerstin) am authorized by Dr. Marc Gafni to teach the Dharma and Yoga of CosmoErotic Humanism and Anthro-Ontology and to give sessions in our lineage of erotic mystics. These can be weekly or monthly sessions, complemented by shared practices and direct contact with me via WhatsApp or similar. If this appeals to you, please feel free to arrange a first meeting with me.

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One-on-One Calls

Conversations & teaching in an intimate individual, couple, or team setting for the full development of potential on a wide variety of topics and goals

On Different Topics of World Spirituality and Personal Growth

Bodywork, meditation and other world spirituality practices

Course Series or Workshops on different topics 


Weekend seminars and retreats on different topics

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MetaMinds for Entrepreneurs, Discussion Groups, Workshops and Change Makers Labs

MetaMinds for Entrepreneurs & Change Makers

Moderated workshops

Exchange groups

Discussion groups

In Preparation: Change Makers Labs & Incubators

(Laboratories and incubators for change makers)

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