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My own projects for you to participate

In addition to my work at the Center for World Philosophy and Religion, my very own first interest is in co-creating a small group of people, locally and across Germany, who work, practice, love, and live together in a way that Dr. Marc Gafni has described as a Unique Self Symphony.

Vision & Project

Together we want to create a center in Germany where we 

  • live, grow, and work together as a small group or “evolutionary family” for the sake of a better world

  • form a true co-creative community - what the visionary, philosopher, and mystic Dr. Marc Gafni calls a Unique Self Symphony, in which we work together to make the dream come true

  • cultivate and practice shared practices and rituals (e.g. of Unique Self, Eros, Outrageous Love, World Spirituality, etc.), whereby we can already experience the qualities of this new world

  • create a prepared relaxed environment for development, encounter, and cooperation in which our authentic needs can be met, so that we can relax and begin to naturally grow further, realizing and contributing our own Unique Self more and more

  • relate to a center of shared values and principles that we practice, implement, and live in our everyday interactions and in our projects

  • experiment with prototypes of novel systems and structures that embody these shared values and principles and are already part of the new world

  • accommodate the German-language branch of the Center for World Philosophy and Religion where we, for example, translate the books of the Great Library of CosmoErotic Humanism into German, facilitate meetings and other events in German or with German translation, etc.

With all this we will hopefully gain valuable experience, which in turn will feed back into the formulation of these First Principles and First Values.

Unique Self Jazz Symphony in Practice

In a few blog posts, I have already briefly described what a Unique Self Symphony is. In the article on Success 4.0 , the Unique Self Jazz Symphony starts right there, with the model of Success 4.0.  The vision of evolutionary love is, at the end, primarily about the emergence of evolutionary communities of practice or Unique Self Symphonies.  

Of particular importance are the shared values and principles that are built on real first values and first principles of Kosmos. People are naturally drawn to one another, to those values and principles, and to a shared vision. In addition to that, it is all about building trust and love, about creating a field in which everyone can recognize, realize, and give their Unique Self, as well as the lived love for each other and  the world.

If you have your own vision in this direction, I would be happy to be on your side.

In addition, I want to realize my own vision of such a Unique Self Symphony with a small group, locally and online. Part of the vision is to create our own center for practice, community, and personal development. Plus, the books and papers that are being written at the Center (with the help of Deepl Translator, but then manually edited) are to be translated into German and then published. In addition, other projects can arise that are initiated by the people in the group.  Anything is possible as long as it is based on the fundamental kosmic principles and values that we share and evolve together through our practical experience, building on the work of Dr. Marc Gafni, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Zak Stein et al.

If that appeals to you, please contact me... I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Marc Gafni about the Unique Self Symphony of the Center for World Philosophy and Religion

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