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Experience and embody a world spirituality for the 21st century

 German Center for World Philosophy & Religion - Kundalini Yoga - GEO: Gerolzhofen & World - Open Space. Laboratory, & Network for Development, Potential, Transformation & Sensemaking

Welcome to FreiRaum GEO

The Vision


I have a dream…

The dream of a new world...

A world of peace and love... joy and abundance... unity and diversity...

A world that works for everyone... for all people... for all beings... and for the entire planet...

I live for this dream...

I work for this dream...

I am growing and transforming for this dream...

And the dream grows and transforms through me...

Over time, this dream has taken many forms, becoming clearer and clearer...

Yet how can we keep this dream alive while simultaneously working towards its global realization?

Dr. Marc Gafni: 

You can only change the world if you are willing to live in the world that is already changed.

You can only change the world if you are willing to live in a world that is already changed.

By creating times and spaces, where we already live in the new world...

  • we are keeping the dream alive

  • we create prepared environments for ourselves and our development.

  • we try out new structures and improve them before we implement them on a large scale.

  • we can give others the opportunity to experience this new world and the principles and values on which it is based.

The three Games of the World

There are different games in this world:

  • The game of the world

  • The game of rebellion

  • The Game of Evolution

The game of the world is a supposed zero-sum game where the point is to win, even if it means someone else loses.  The game of rebellion is the game of those who rebel against this game of the world, even if they see no real alternative. Or just drop off... The game I'm interested in is the active and co-creative evolution and transformation of our wonderful world that so desperately needs it... And that is - paradoxically - only possible if we - like the American visionary, philosopher and mystic Dr. Marc Gafni says - when we are ready to live in the world that is already transformed. And that, in turn, is only possible when we transform ourselves and our immediate surroundings.  At the same time, we need a new global story of values as a context for our diversity. And unlike the traditional success story in our culture (as well as all other previous stories in this world), this new story must be based on genuine fundamental values and principles of Kosmos which, paradoxically, are both eternal and subject to constant evolution. For example, as can be shown, love is such a First Value (and also a First Principle) of Kosmos. That is, love is found in various forms at all levels of the universe, e.g., as the balance between electromagnetic attraction and repulsion between elementary particles (to name but one of its many forms). But of course, love means something different on the human level than for elementary particles. And for us humans, too, love means something different in the twenty-first century than it did in the twelfth century. And right HERE we NOW need a further Evolution of Love, so that the next step of humanity does not lead into the abyss, but into the new world that works for everyone and that our hearts know is possible.

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Welcome home


If you can relate to the above, we should talk. I founded FreiRaum GEO for people like you. And I need you as a co-creator of our shared vision.

The FreiRaum GEO is made directly for people like you, as a space for encounters, development, and cooperation. It is an open space that moves, in a certain way, outside of the usual zero-sum games with their standards of winning and losing.


I offer a variety of possibilities, in which you can get closer to yourself, meet other people who are similar to you, and work with others to help create a world that works for everyone.

Kerstin Tuschik


Founder and Director of FreiRaum GEO

Since 2013 Executive Leadership Team of the Center for World Philosophy and Religion

More than 10 years of experience as Coach and Trainer

My vision is to live, work, and grow, together with a few others, creating a prepared environment in which the people who want to work on this new world can

  • get together

  • meet and exchange ideas

  • practice and learn together

  • work together

  • or just take a break or incubation period

If this appeals to you, we should definitely meet

For questions & getting to know each other:
Phone: +49 15738098389

In the meantime I'm already starting to create some opportunities - online or onsite (often hybrid)

  • to meet and exchange ideas

  • to practice together

  • to learn more about this new story with its First Values and First Principles

  • or also for in-depth individual conversation about your own development or your own project (which can also be a company)

All these possibilities can easily be misunderstood as offers or products which are then "marketed" within the existing society with its zero-sum games and its win/lose metrics. But this is exactly NOT my intention. Rather, I see you as a co-creator of this vision and the new world. I deeply believe that - in order to create this new world (and not to extinguish ourselves) - we need such places, times, and possibilities. And I start very concretely with it - virtually and at particular places (e.g. here in Gerolzhofen) and at particular times. If this is important to you as well, let us take responsibility for it together. If all of us contribute all our gifts - and in the current world this of course includes financial and other resources, but also our personal talents, abilities and gifts - then we can realize this vision and together create the new world, the new humanity and the new human (which we call Homo amor at the Center). For me, for example, the practices of Kundalini Yoga that I do regularly are helpful for my own transformation and for the creation of an environment (in space and time) in which the new world we yearn for already exists. "Through my transformation, I transform the world," is an insight and experience from the Evolutionary Unique Self (Dr. Marc Gafni). This is the new game I want to play (with you) - and it is not a zero-sum game where someone always loses what someone else gains. Therefore I am not interested in "positioning" myself as a coach, trainer, lecturer or yoga teacher, even if I still sometimes "fall for" this idea myself, especially when this new world is still too far away for my surroundings. I then release a few test balloons every now and then to see the outer and inner response to them. And I learn quickly and change what doesn't work. But in the end, I always notice how I lose my energy in such attempts. And that is as it should be. Because in the end, I want something different. Since I know that for many it is easier to think in prices, I give so-called reference prices for some possibilities. This is the price that such an "offer on the free market" would normally cost. But this does not mean that you have to pay this price. You have two possibilities: a) You register for one (or more) of the possibilities and pay the reference price. b) You write or talk to me and tell me why you want to participate and what you can and want to contribute (your gifts, time, resources, money, etc.). Depending on your possibilities, this can be more or less than the reference price. Not everything can be measured in monetary value. Exactly that is the point here! The money is used, by the way, to realize this vision and to enable a good life for all involved, for which in our society money is needed. Nobody becomes rich thereby. But nobody should be below the poverty line either...

There are already a lot of people who are on the path of evolution & transformation of the world, be it through the transformation of the outer structures, e.g,

- alternative learning & education projects (forest kindergartens, Montessori and Waldorf institutions, parenting, etc.) - permaculture and ecological & cooperative agriculture - companies that position themselves as an environment for the personal development of their employees and customers - Impact Hubs, etc. - Rewilding projects - transformation networks - Community housing projects - Initiatives related to the UN Development Goals - etc.

or by transforming the inner structures of oneself and others 

- yoga & meditation teachers and studios - some coaches for personal (and professional) development and team building - some consultants for business and project development - therapists for working on the aftermath of trauma, developmental disorders, etc. - spiritual teachers for guidance in spiritual crises, etc. - etc.

​Sometimes all these wonderful approaches are marketed as "particularly effective unique selling propositions." In the process, they may still be beneficial for individuals (and teams). But in terms of society as a whole, they become part of the problem instead of part of the solution, as they further reinforce the current system, which is moving in leaps and bounds toward the abyss of existential threat to humanity. 


In principle, however, I welcome all these approaches. And I would like to connect with you to work on the "new world" together.


For only in a shared context, based on shared true values and principles (building on the eternal and at the same time evolving primordial principles and values of the Kosmos), can all these projects, initiatives and approaches really have their beneficial effect.


This is the only way we can really create the new world our hearts know is possible. 


This is the only way we can together create a world that works for everyone. 


This is the only way we can really transform ourselves and begin to live (together) in the world that is already transformed - at least in certain places and at certain times.

Inspiration and Deep Development!

The very inspiring and uplifting conversations with Kerstin gave me many new perspectives and insights into my topics. Depending on the topic, I also received the right tools for further independent work. As a result, I was not only able to successfully hold difficult conversations and permanently resolve conflicts, but also go through a much deeper development. Kerstin supported me with both professional and private challenges. I am enthusiastic about her clarity and variety of methods and can warmly recommend working with her!

Mag. Karin Graf
Expert in systemic constellations since 1998


Why GEO?

On the one hand, GEO is the license plate for Gerolzhofen - the place where I live and work.

At the same time, GEO also stands for the earth as a whole - like in GEOlogy and GEOgraphy, but also GEOpolitics.

My offers are therefore both local (for people in Gerolzhofen, the district of Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, Bavaria,  Germany and the German-speaking countries), as well as global (therefore sometimes also in English).  

Many offers take place in a hybrid of online and on-site formats. 

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe. "  

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

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