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Experience and embody a world spirituality for the 21st century

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Welcome to FreiRaum GEO


Do you still want to accomplish a lot in your life and often don't even know where to start? Sometimes you have so many ideas and visions that you lose yourself in them? Or do you work on so much at the same time that the most important thing (you) is neglected?


You have a lot of talents, skills, and successes and sometimes (or even often) still doubt whether you are “enough”?  And the more successful you are, the more you may  actually feel like an imposter?


Do you tend to take on (too) much responsibility and find it difficult to say no? Do you want to make a difference to others or the world so badly that you sometimes forget yourself?


Although you don't like to show it, do you sometimes (or often) feel stressed out? Perhaps you have already been in or close to a burnout? And, of course, you have thrown all the self-care methods you know overboard, first?

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Welcome Home


If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are not alone. Many people feel the same way today. And the Corona crisis has made this worse in many cases.  


I've been through all of this myself. And the good news is, there is a way out.  

FreiRaum GEO is made for people like you. In the courses, seminars, practice groups, workshops, and individual support that I offer here, you can get closer to yourself, get to know people who are similar to you, and, together with others, contribute to creating a world that works for everyone.

Kerstin Tuschik


Founder and Director of FreiRaum GEO

Since 2013 Executive Leadership Team of The Center for Integral Wisdom

More than 10 years of experience as Coach and Trainer


Inspiration and Deep Development!

The very inspiring and uplifting conversations with Kerstin gave me many new perspectives and insights into my topics. Depending on the topic, I also received the right tools for further independent work. As a result, I was not only able to successfully hold difficult conversations and permanently resolve conflicts, but also go through a much deeper development. Kerstin supported me with both professional and private challenges. I am enthusiastic about her clarity and variety of methods and can warmly recommend working with her!

Mag. Karin Graf
Expert in systemic constellations since 1998

Crises as Opportunity - Who Am I?

My name is Kerstin Tuschik , and I am the initiator and founder of FreiRaum GEO , which is currently being built.  


Most people know me as

  • a woman with diverse talents, interests, and skill sets

  • an integrator who keeps track of complex situations, goes beyond apparent opposites or polarities and integrates them

  • a companion who supports people in realizing their unique potential, and

  • a visionary who likes to give herself completely to bold ideas and projects that serve the good of mankind and the planet.  


What only few people know about me is that I have experienced many deep crises, upheavals, and new starts myself.


Vision,  Embodiment and love in action

The focus of my work lies in the intersection between vision, embodiment, and concrete values lived together with others. Because only then does real change take place in the world.

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Vision & Worldview

Your longing for - and vision of - a well-lived life for yourself and your loved ones, as well as for a world with less suffering, more joy and love - a world that works for everyone - is based on your, mostly unconscious, self-image and worldview.

By becoming aware of this view of yourself and the world, you can begin to expand it and clarify your vision.


In doing so, we can learn from the traditional wisdom teachings from premodernity (the different world religions), the modern sciences and the knowledge of postmodernity (e.g. about context and multiple perspective taking).  


We can then use the best of our findings and integrate them all into our own self-image and worldview (see also world spirituality).

The Embodiment of our Essence

Consciously expanding our self-image and our vision of the world is a first step. But only when we really embody our own unique essence that is connected with everything (what Dr. Marc Gafni called our “Unique Self”) can we set healthy boundaries in all of this and take good care of ourselves.

This embodiment requires regular practices and a relaxed space for development and growth. Among other things, it is important to clarify everything  inside of us that is in the way of our full embodiment.  


This also requires structures and processes on the outside, which do not restrict, but liberate us. Without these structures, paradoxically, there is no freedom.


It is important to create these liberating structures. Only then can we - together with others - begin to realize our visions in our everyday life.

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Values Lived in Mutuality

But only when we live our essence in everyday life together with others who share our values and implement our visions step by step (together), do we really arrive “at home” with ourselves and in the world.

As human beings, we need encounters with others and community for this. We need practices of love in order to transform and further develop, not only ourselves, but also our relationships, processes, and structures over and over again.


We need something like laboratories, in which we can experiment with new ideas and exchange our experiences: the freedom to meet, exchange and cooperate, but also the freedom for practice, development, learning, and creativity.


Together, we become conscious co-creators of this world - a world that works for everyone.


Why GEO?

On the one hand, GEO is the license plate for Gerolzhofen - the place where I live and work.

At the same time, GEO also stands for the earth as a whole - like in GEOlogy and GEOgraphy, but also GEOpolitics.

My offers are therefore both local (for people in Gerolzhofen, the district of Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, Bavaria,  Germany and the German-speaking countries), as well as global (therefore sometimes also in English).  

Many offers take place in a hybrid of online and on-site formats. 

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe. "  

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 


"The emergence of a world spirituality based on Integral Principles is one of the great and urgent invitations for the evolution of consciousness in our time ."

Dr. Marc Gafni