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World Spirituality Practice Courses

Image by Marek Piwnicki
Image by Márton Szalai

Soon, we want to start with open practice courses in Gerolzhofen (GEO). If you are interested, please ask to be put on our waiting list.  A bit more long-term, we are planning to also offer these courses online.

Courses can either be booked as individual classes, as a regular course, or as part of a larger membership program. More precise conditions are currently worked on. A first trial lesson is free of charge.

The purpose of these classes is

  • to give you a space for a regular practice that

    • helps you to center yourself and find your way back to yourself again nd again in everyday life

    • supports you in your growth and your transformation 

    • simply feels good and

    • is based on the principles of world spirituality​

  • to give you impulses for your own daily practice at home

  • to support you with the implementation of your new knowledge and understanding in your everyday life

  • as well as to create a space for shared practice and exchange with like-minded people

Each class consists of different elements:

  • Centering and wake-up practices such as meditation, prayer, chanting, etc., which serve to open the heart and consciousness and turn to the unity consciousness

  • Body work from dance, yoga, breath work and movement meditations to support a real embodiment

  • A short "teaching conversation" on selected topics of world spirituality, Unique Self, and Eros, in order to create a focus point for our work together - based on the teachings of Dr. Marc Gafni

  • Exercises in dyads or small groups to feel the we-space, create new experiences with each other, or bring a point home from the teaching conversation

  • Exchange in dyads, small groups, or the whole group in order to facilitate the implementation in everyday life and to enable the creation of a real we-space

  • Practices come from different wisdom traditions as well as modern psychology.

If you are interested, please ask to be put on the waiting list

97447 Gerolzhofen


precise address upon request

Mobile: +4915738098389

Thanks for your message!
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