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Cloudy Mountain

Evolutionary World Spirituality Based on Integral Principles

The teaching of evolutionary world spirituality is informed and inspired by Dr. Marc Gafni's work in this field.


Different Paths to the One Mountain

World spirituality, as we understand it here, includes the knowledge of the various wisdom traditions of premodernity as well modern science, and the postmodern knowledge of the meaning of context and perspective.  

And even more than that: All these findings are not only included (like in a patchwork blanket), but integrated into a larger whole (just like our body integrates various organs without making the organs obsolete).  

We can compare the goal of all these wisdom teachings to the top of a mountain - with the different teachings representing the different paths to the top. Each path brings special experiences, even if the mountain is the same.  

In doing so, someone can be located in one of these traditions and teachings and mainly practice in it and at the same time belong to the one world spirituality, in which all these teachings are valued and contained.


The One Divine in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Person

At the core of this world spirituality is the experience of the One Divine in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person:

1. as the greatest  I Am (the experience that I Am the One)

2. as the greatest You (the One I am held by and to whom I can speak) and

3. as the largest It (All-That-Is, that I can reflect on and talk about).


The different traditions mostly emphasize one of these three faces of God. For example, Buddhism focuses on the 1st person of God, while the three Abrahamic religions emphasize God in the 2nd person. And the modern sciences consider All-That-Is exclusively in the 3rd person. 

Global Principles for Global Challenges

All of our problems and challenges that we face both as individuals and as humanity are global today.


In order to solve these and to create a world that works for everyone together, we need - more than anything else - shared values and fundamental principles as well as a shared story that we can all agree on. 

Only then can we overcome our Global Action Paralysis (as coined by Dr. Marc Gafni) and act coherently together.

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