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Trauma and Resources in Coaching und Seminars

I have just completed my advanced training in trauma therapy and received my certificate - after an intense year of my own crisis and growth, during which this training has accompanied me.

In doing so, I not only got a deeper understanding of trauma and various methods of dealing with it with clients (in particular from Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, and polyvagal theory), but was able to experience these methods for myself to take further steps on my journey towards own healing, becoming whole, integration, and evolution.

I found it particularly exciting to see how much the methodology has changed in recent decades - from the methods based primarily on confrontation and feeling one’s own feelings (until their supposed end), which all too often led to re-traumatization, to primarily focusing on finding and building up one’s own resources (strengths, skills, qualities, etc.), the ability to self- and co-regulate, and the connection of these resources with the traumatic experience that had so far been split off in the brain and can now be reintegrated into the conscious life story. As a result, these resources are now really available to cope with challenging life situations.

It is a gentle and step-by-step process which, precisely because of this, leads surprisingly quickly to real changes, healing, and integration.

I don’t necessarily want to work therapeutically myself. But I enjoy working with people, whether in coaching settings or seminars.

And since, from my point of view, everyone is traumatized in some way or another and these traumas often stand in the way of the full embodiment of one's whole self (or what Dr. Marc Gafni has called our Unique Self) and the realization of our visions, it was important for me to expand my toolbox in this area.

Because, not only the “big” experiences of violence, injury, etc., can lead to trauma, but virtually every experience that was too intense and fast for our body-mind system to be able to process it completely - at that time. Reprocessing these experiences, combining them with our resources, and integrating them into our whole body-mind system is possible at any time.


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