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My Personal Relationship to the Unique Self Teachings

Lately I have been asked how I relate personally to the Unique Self teachings by Marc Gafni. What comes to mind is a very deep experience that I had many, many years ago – long before I have met Marc or Integral or evolutionary spirituality…

Part of this experience that started as a personal process was a deep realization of my own essence, the essence of all of us, and the Essence of God or the All-That-Is. There were words coming with it and an image that cannot fully express the realization. But maybe they come with some sort of transmission that makes it possible for you to tap into it.

The words that came kind of bursting out of me with a flood of tears were something like: “GOD is too big, too great to be expressed by one single person. It takes all of us to express GOD.”

And simultaneously I was seeing an image of a HUUUUUGE crystal with an infinite amount of facets: each of us being one facet of that ONE Crystal – not separate from it, yet utterly unique. And every facet is needed. If one would be missing the whole crystal would be destroyed or cease to exist.


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