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Eine Gruppe von Frauen bei einem Geschäftstreffen
Metamind for Entrepreneurs in Times of Change

5-month metamind group for 5-6 "change makers"
on site or via zoom
Beta program in preparation***

*** If you are interested, please apply for the group (using the contact form or We will then have a conversation. And if we both agree that the group would be a good fit for you, you will be notified as soon as it starts. Planned price € 450 / person for the entire beta program. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The prices will definitely go up after that. The philosophical concepts used in coaching are mostly from the integral wisdom teacher and philosopher Dr. Marc Gafni.

Are You an Entrepreneur Who...

  • Makes a real difference through your business?  

  • Acts beyond the existing economic systems that keep creating way too many losers?

  • Has a longing to be with like-minded people to be together on the path?

Then you are exactly at the right place!

Imagine being part of a group of entrepreneurs, each of whom makes a real difference in a socially relevant area through innovative products and services as well as new ways of dealing with employees, leadership, and decision-making.

This group already exists, even though the members of this group often do not know each other.  

Time to change that!

In times like these, times of change and existential crises, we need each other more than ever to experiment, learn, and grow together.

Image by Benjamin Child

In order to create the necessary social change, it takes:

  • Courageous people like you who are ready to stop "Business-as-Usual" and put a new consciousness into practice

  • New products and services that meet real needs - instead of creating pseudo-needs that ultimately make us unhappy and lead to addiction

  • New approaches and methods of how we live and work together based on new value systems (a real, powerful love-in-action)

  • A new worldview based on true First Principles and First Values that everybody can come on board with

"Love is not weak. Love is the strongest force in the universe," says entrepreneur and founder of the American Whole Foods chain, John Mackey. Do we have the courage to make this love a fundamental principle for our business activities? 

We can only do this if we rely on a love that is a First Principle and First Value of the entire universe, even though it is ever evolving. The universe is, as American philosopher and wisdom teacher Dr. Marc Gafni says, a Love Story.

What this means and how we can live this love in a corporate context, will be the content of this Metamind.

A Metamind group transcends and includes the classic mastermind group , in which the group members support each other (through input, advice, and mutual coaching) in overcoming their challenges.


In addition, in a Metamind, a special focus is placed on one's own thought processes and the underlying patterns. These patterns are based on our respective worldviews, as well as the values and principles by which we live.


By transforming our worldview and basing it on the First Values and First Principles of the Kosmos, our thinking, feeling, and acting are going to change as well.

The presentation of these First Values and First Principles is one focus of this Metamind. Looking through the lens of these First Principles and Values, we can then - with the help of coaching questions and mutual exchange - shine a new light on our entrepreneurial activities.  


The following description is a first draft.

​There will be about 3 sessions per month with approximately 90 minutes each.

The order and content will vary depending on the group and individual needs.

A few methods that play a role in all modules:

  • A meditative attunement to be able to look at the respective topics with a relaxed mind and body and in the flow of our feelings.

  • Coaching questions to uncover deeper insights

  • The presentation of the First Principles and First Values and how they show up in our lives

  • Creative methods to generate new ideas

  • Dialogue as a form of generative exchange

Image by Nelson Ndongala

Month 1

Vision & Worldview

  • Presentation and clarification of your own vision for the next 5-10 years - and really seeing each other

  • Why we live in a unique time of existential risks and why we need a new worldview to cope with it

  • How is my  own vision related to  my worldview and values? And how can all of these grow?

  • How do we want to work together in the next few months?

Month 2

It Starts with You

  • Personal development and leadership

  • Your unique gifts that the world needs from you

  • Evolution & transformation to become the leader you really are => Your own transformation participates in the evolution of the Whole World

  • Recognize and start working on your own evolutionary challenge

  • Receiving support

Image by Peggy Anke

Month 3

Teamwork as a Unique Self Symphony

  • The organization as driver for the personal development of the employees and how exactly that benefits the company

  • Flow - just the right challenge - and mastery  

  • Autonomy and Communion

  • The longing for meaning and purpose

  • Creating liberating structures

Month 4

Creating a New World

  • A new vision for the world and humanity: Homo amor - the Universal Love Human

  • How we can create a new world together

  • How we can create synergies with the Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0  Create and work together on a new future

  • What this means for each individual and how we can support each other

Erde und Weltraum
Hängende Struktur

Month 5

Creating New Structures and Systems

  • Experimenting and learning together

  • From Plan & Control to Sense & Respond

  • The organization as a place for personal growth

  • Creating dialogic spaces

  • Growth and Success 4.0  in and for the new organization

Between the

Individual Modules

  • Recommendations for articles, books, audios, or videos that dive deeper into various aspects of our conversation

  • Ideally, you should participate in one of our practice groups in parallel, in order to bring what you have learned into your body and integrate it

  • Parallel participation in the 6-week courses is also recommended, but no obligation


Interested? Then let's talk!

Arrange a free initial consultation, right away. ​

Before that, ask yourself what you want to accomplish by participating in the group and what you can contribute to it.

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