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Teaching during the Summer Program at One Mountain, Many Paths

I am so happy - and also quite a bit proud - to have been invited to teach at One Mountain, Many Paths for this year's Summer Program - together with my Dharma Sister Jacqueline Clark and the whole team - our gorgeous Unique Self Symphony. Thank you, Dr. Marc Gafni! Thank you, all!

I am quite a bit camera shy, and I never liked myself (or to be more precise: I mostly hated myself) when seeing me on video. So, teaching here was a big deal for me. It was actually a great opportunity for me to finally overcome that. And I took that opportunity wholeheartedly...

So, I wrote my text. I got a teleprompter app. And I practiced a lot... And I am happy it worked. For the first time ever, I actually like seeing myself on video. Wow...

And my presentation was about something I care about deeply: The power of distinctions to transform our world and overcome polarization... And to then bring together both the fierceness and the tenderness of the path to and as Homo amor, our Evolutionary Unique Selves.


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