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Live Your Uniqueness

Realize your Unique Self

This course, 6 dates/3 hours each, in Gerolzhofen or online, is about awakening to your uniqueness and connectedness and realizing your Unique Self. The concept of the Unique Self and most of the other philosophical concepts come from the Integral wisdom teacher and philosopher Dr. Marc Gafni.


It is also possible to offer this course as a weekend seminar. If you would like to organize such a seminar in your area, please contact me.

Dates for 2022 in Preparation

Cost for the entire course: € 240

***The first evening can also be booked individually (€ 40).

If you are unsure whether the course is for you, we can have a talk. Just make an appointment.

What is it all about ...

At the end of this course, you will have a whole new sense of yourself, and you will know what really belongs to you and what doesn't.  You will have experienced both your absolute uniqueness and your total unity with all-that-is.  

You will have recognized the difference between your different ego parts, your shadow, and your authentic Unique Self and can therefore more easily distinguish yourself from everything that does not essentially belong to you. This gives you a lot more strength for those of your endeavors that arise from your Unique Self.


You will see clearly where you can best use your energy in order to be able to give your gifts to the evolution of the whole. And you will find yourself in a completely new form of community. 

Each course evening consists of different elements:

  • a "teaching conversation" on the respective topics related to Unique Self

  • exercises in dyads or small groups to feel the we-space, to create new experiences with together, or to bring a point home from the teaching conversation

  • exchange in dyads, small groups, or the whole group to facilitate implementation to everyday life and enable the creation of a real we-space
  • Coaching on questions of implementation to everyday life

  • Centering and wake-up practices such as meditation, prayer, chanting, etc., to open the heart and consciousness and to turn to unity consciousness

  • Bodywork from dance, yoga, breath work, and movement meditations to support a real embodiment

Image by Greg Rakozy

Module 1

From Ego to Unique Self

  • Between eastern and western enlightenment

  • The five selves

  • Enlightenment = Sanity

  • Your unique gifts

  • Practice, bodywork, and meditation

Module 2

Between False Core and Healthy Ego

  • Practice to recognize your false core

  • The false self that has formed around your false core

  • Payoff, cost, and real gifts of your false self

  • Practice, bodywork, and meditation

Image by Peggy Anke
Image by Levi XU

Module 3

Awakening to True Self

  • Ego as false self

  • The illusion of separation

  • Enlightenment = Sanity - Reloaded

  • Your true name

  • Pointing Out Instructions

  • Practice, bodywork, and meditation

Module 4

Unique Self

  • Not separate and yet unique

  • Confessions of Greatness: Who you really are shows up in moments of your greatness

  • Your name = the name of God

  • Your unique gifts and creativity

  • Practice, bodywork, and meditation

Image by Darius Cotoi

Module 5

Wake Up - Grow Up - Clean Up - Show Up

  • World spirituality in the 21st century

  • Democratization of Enlightenment

  • Growing up beyond "being a grown-up"

  • From shadow work to "Unique Shadow"

  • The importance of practice - Start small with "Tiny Habits"

  • Practice, bodywork, and meditation

Module 6

The Awakening of the Symphony

  • Evolutionary Unique Self

  • The evolutionary impulse in you

  • Eros

  • Unique Self (Jazz) Symphony

  • Implementation into your everyday life

  • Practice, bodywork, and meditation

Image by Jens Thekkeveettil

Further 6-Week Courses in Preparation, e.g.

  • Lines & Circles - Yin & Yang - Left & Right Hemisphere: Paths to Wholeness - From Biological Gender to Trans-Gender to Unique Gender

  • The Twelve Faces of Eros: How We Can Live "Erotically" in All Areas of Our Life

  • Success 4.0: Beyond Win/Lose Metrics

  • Etc.